Anatoly Shevchenko



Performer, composer, musicologist
Shevchenko’s repertoire as a performer includes European music of the XIII–XXI centuries, Flamenco music, antique music, oriental music, his own compositions. He played more than 100 programmes, including:

Author’s programmes

1     “My thoughts”
2     “Master and guitar”
3 “Touching”
4     “Contra viento”
5     “Guitar Odyssey”
6     “Lorcada” ( a programme dedicated to F.G. Lorca)
7     “Odessa promenade concert”
8     “Concert of concerts”
9     “Flamenco 2000”
10   “Flamenco fiesta”


11   “Guitar Odessica”
12   “Guitar spiritual canticles”
13   “Music from antiquity to the present times”
14   “Villa Lobos’ guitar”
15   Music at candle light
16   Repercussions of Hellas (antique music)
17   Music of Hellas
18   Bach and modernity
19   The cycle “Anthology of the guitar” consisting of a number of concerts:

  1. a) Antiquity and Middle Ages
  2. b) Renaissance
  3. c) Baroque
  4. d) Classicism
  5. e) Romanticism
  6. f) xx century
  7. g) Avant-garde in guitar music.
  8. The cycle “Geography of the guitar” consisting of:
  9. a) the guitar of Spain
  10. b) the guitar of Italy
  11. c) the guitar of France
  12. d) the guitar of Germany
  13. e) the guitar of England
  14. f) the guitar of Ukraine, Poland, Russia
  15. g) the guitar and ethnography.

21   Nights in the gardens of Alcasar
22   “And again Moscow-Odessa”
23   Anthology of flamenco
24   Guitar: East – West
25   “Flower suite”
26   “Guitar fantasy”(the evolution of the genre)
27   Genealogy of the guitar
28   Guitar hit parade
29   Guitar puzzle
30   Interpretation of dreams
31   Musical labyrinth
32   Moonlight
33   Range of sonatas ( Brascionello’s sonatas)
34   Harmony of spheres
35   On the strings of life
36   Spring songs in autumn and other programmes

Shevchenko as a composer:

  1. Four concerts for guitar and chamber orchestra:

Concerto grosso(2004)

for guitar, oboe, and chamber orchestra

Concerto Flamenco(2005)
for guitar, oboe, castanets, and chamber orchestra
Odessan promenade concert (2007)

for guitar, clarinet and chamber orchestra
1)  A walk along Deribasovskaya street
2)  Moldavanka and Peresyp
3)  Repercussions of Langeron
4)  Humour festival

Ukrainian concert
(part 1 “The boat sails” — a caprice on Lysenko theme, 2010)

for guitar, flute and chamber orchestra

  1. F.G. Lorca’s dawns, cantata for soloists, choir, guitar and orchestra
  2. Defeat at sea ( symphonic poem)
  3. F. G. Lorca’s balcony ( vocal cycle to Lorca’s poetry)
  4. A handful of sand ( vocal cycle to the poetry of Takuboku)
  5. Polyphonic notebook ( preludes and fugues for guitar)
  6. Suites for guitar:

Ukrainian suite “My thoughts”
“De natura solaris”
“Cymmerian suite”

  1. Three sonatas for guitar
  2. Two sonatinas for guitar
  3. Three poetic legends for guitar
  4. Transformations (experimental music)
  5. Touching(cycle)
  6. Fountains of Bakhchisaray palace:

“The tears fountain” and “Golden fountain”

  1. Breeze (Burlesque serenade for flute and guitar)
  2. Prelude, fugue and allegro to the theme “Bach” and “Passion according to Sebastian”
  3. Tres grados ad Parnassum, guitar album for children
  4. “Nikitik’s music”, guitar album for children
  5. “Three points” for guitar and chamber orchestra
  6. “Odessa mosaic” for guitar and ensemble of instruments
  7. “Mirage”, “Craonera”, “Bessarabian fantasy”, Carpathian rhapsody “Wind from mountain pastures”, “Fountains of Rome”, “The sail of Odysseus” , Lament of Cadiz”, “Alcacerena” , “The thread of Ariadne” , “Peruvian Dance”, etc. Separate pieces for guitar, music for theatre, cinema and TV.
  8. Vocal cycle to the poem “Tabula Rasa” by V.E. Nevmity
  9. “Niagara Falls”, “Jewish Rhapsody” — pieces for guitar
  10. Ricercar for violin and cello
  11. “Podolian girl” (Ukrainian tango for violin, guitar and castanets)
  12. Fantasy based on F.Leigh’s “Love story”(and other compositions)
  13. Ukrainian suite Bach-Shevchenko.

The full stop in the manuscript was put on 15.03.2012

Shevchenko as a musicologist

  1. “Indomitable flamenco games”, essay 1975
  2. “Indomitable flamenco games” , article 1980
  3. “Flamenco guitar”, flamenco school 1988
  4. “Encyclopedia breve de flamenco”, article 1989
  5. “Hilo de Ariadna” , FAF “Jerez de la Frontera, article 1991
  6. Rudimentos de flamencologia en las “Escenas Andaluzas” de Serafin E.Calderon, article 1992
  7. “The testament of Orpheus”, essay 1996
  8. “On certain fundamental possibilities of comprehension and artistic mastering of antique music”, article 1997
  9. “The ABC of Tauromachy”, essay with parallel illustrations (Graphics by A. Shevchenko) 1997
  10. Estructuras musicales del cante y toque flamenco, article 1996
  11. “Musical traditions of Kiev Rus in the process of transformation of Eastern Slavic musical culture”, article 1997
  12. “The European flamenco phenomenon of the classical tradition of the East”, article 1988
  13. “The live heritage of antiquity” article 1988
  14. “Migration processes and the formation of the Andalusian flamenco culture”, article 1999
  15. “On the harmony of spheres”, article 1999
  16. “The cyclic development of the sound musical system”, article 1999
  17. “Harmonia mundi (the development of the sound musical system in the context of the general process of comprehension of the world)”, article 2000
  18. “The music of Hellas”, monograph 2001
  19. “The ecology of sound”, article 2003
  20. “In the beginning was the future” (Spatial and temporal transformations in certain musical structures), article 2005
  21. “On the crossroads of musical traditions”, article 2006
  22. The formation of the guitar in the context of the general process of development of musical culture”, article 2008
  23. “Sound concept in cosmology” from the “Harmony of spheres” to “string theory”, article 2009
  24. “Ukrainian duma mode”, article 2010
  25. “The algorithm of love in B-flat major”, article 2011
  26. “The music of ancient Spain”, monograph , unfinished


As an artist, A. Shevchenko had his graphics and paintings presented at exhibitions in Odessa, Poland, Czechia, Spain. His works are present in private collection in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Spain, Czechia, Germany.


Four personal exhibitions of Shevchenko’s art works took place in Odessa after the master’s demise (“Apartment” gallery, Literary Museum, Ukrainian cultural centre and Odessa Modern Art museum, 2012–2014).


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